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Shenzhen ZCT Technology Co。, Ltd

Headquarters address: 3rd floor, building 5, hongsheng science and technology park, no。 4336, baoan avenue, baoan district, shenzhen city

Nationwide free service hotline: 400-669-6965

The true: 0755-23702323

Enterprise email:

IT audio and video business department: 13924638552 manager zhou

Battery business unit: 18038017547 Manager wang

Lighting category business unit: 13824326520 manager zeng

ystem certification business unit: 13824332653 Manager xie

International project department: 18033440012 Mr. Yang

Shanghai branch: 306, hongmei building, no。 8075, humin road, xuhui district, Shanghai

Telephone: 021-60484612

Mobile phone: 15801749634

Service hotline: 400-669-6965

Contact: Mr. Tang

Meizhou branch: 58-4, north guangmei road, meizhou city

Phone: 400-669-6965 miss liao

Zhongshan branch: 10th floor, pingqian international business building, no。 163 min an middle road, xiaolan town, zhongshan city

Contact number: 18033440012

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